Eat! Pray! Love! Die!



It don’t make no never mind.  It don’t make no never mind.  Every naked ape, it wants to live forever.  It don’t make no never mind.  When you leave this world behind, I got three words for you: Nowhere.  Nothing.  Never. – Shriekback

Dressed in elegant attire, the couple savored the succulent flavors of the sautéed foie gras appetizer while awaiting the main course.  He ordered the pan roasted pheasant; for the lady, the grilled Ora King salmon.  From time to time, they playfully fed each other morsels from their plates and stole glances at the other patrons, secretly pleased that no one was as attractively cosmopolitan as they.

Dressed in elegant attire, the couple bowed their heads solemnly at the foot of the cathedral’s ornate altar and joined the priest in beseeching God to bless their bond of holy matrimony.

Dressed in elegant attire, the young couple burst into their honeymoon bungalow situated in the pristine sands of a Caribbean shoreline.  He laid her on the canopied bed and stripped off her wedding gown while she hastily removed the layers of his tuxedo.  Caressing her contours with sensual anticipation, he rose to enter her and ecstatically consummate their sacred union in a burst of life-giving manna.

Dressed in elegant attire, the couple occupy individual hardwood chambers six feet beneath the well-tended soil.   A host of life forms, from plump white maggots to invisible bacteria, eat away at their flesh as putrid hunks drop away exposing the skeletal framework of two formerly codependent animals that ate together, worshiped together, made love together and died alone.

20 thoughts on “Eat! Pray! Love! Die!

  1. “Dressed in elegant attire…”

    Reminds me of this:

    “The poor disgust us because they are us, shorn of our illusions. They show us what we’d look like without our fine clothes. How’d we smell without perfume.” High Sparrow (GoT)

    The successful in modern societies are the ones who can afford the greatest illusions, the most layers between themselves and “The End.”

    Having seen “Eat Pray Love,” the title made me Laugh.

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      1. You thought correctly.
        On the day of my dad’s funeral, I wondered how long it would take before his body turned into just a skeleton with his best suit on.
        About 20-50 years, depending on soil moisture and a few other variables. Thank you, Google.

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      2. My automatic reaction was to agree until I remembered that when talking about how we’d like to be disposed of, we’re talking about something we’ll have no awareness of owing to the fact that we’ll be dead. So if someone wants to cremate me, fine. Bury me? That’s cool. Take me to a taxidermist, have me stuffed, dressed in a clown suit and mounted on the front grille of an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile? No skin off my (dead) ass.

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      3. You always have a way to make me rethink so many things that I think I already know all about, if that makes any fucking sense.
        Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner!!
        There’s some much needed silly.

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  2. One to a box. Yet inherently we are all connected. When we die we leave this body and, after we wiggle around in the ether some, we probably just find a new one – plus most of those same old soul friends to play with, over and over again.

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