Friday Funhouse Redux!


Jagshemash!  For those who used to follow my nonsense on the now-defunct Two Voices In One Transmission, I am resurrecting the Friday Funhouse for my new page!  For those who did not, this is essentially a way for me to type a bunch of profoundly un-profound bullshit followed by a short video of something I find funny, or in the words of Stewie Griffin, “So I’m shavin’ last night at this make-out party.  I took a bunch of pictures.  You can see ‘em on my Myspace page along with my favorite songs and movies and things that other people have created but that I use to express my individualism.”  See what I did there?

On the radio this morning, the announcements for upcoming concerts in the area included this head-scratcher of a 4-way shared venue: Eddie Money, Foghat, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy.  Yes, that’s the line-up of a single event.  Sort of like the Lollapalooza of washed-up, tepid schlock peddlers.

Wrap your mind around that one for a moment.  Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy were to comedy in the late 90s what Mitch McConnell is to politics: bland and predictable with a subtle and probably unintentional undercurrent of white privilege.  Today, when not on tour with the rock god known as Eddie Money, they both serve as humor-free spokesmen for Golden Corral Buffet and Prilosec OTC, respectively.

In the 1970s, Eddie Money treated us to flavorless pieces of musical chloroform such as “Baby Hold On” and “Take Me Home Tonight”.  Back in 2003, The Onion came out with a news-in-brief article bearing the headline “Business Card Confirms Real Estate Salesman Is Eddie Money”.  I thought this was hilarious and also wondered if perhaps it wasn’t unintentionally prescient.  I mean, he couldn’t possibly still be making a living with his instantly forgettable brand of elevator rock, right?  Wrong, apparently.  He does and he is.  And he’s bringing it all to Albuquerque in the near future along with three other formerly (and perplexingly) popular acts that seem to need to hitch their wagon to his as much as he needs to hitch his to theirs (otherwise known as a circle jerk).

Rounding out this Monsters of Crap festival is Foghat, a band best solely known for the classic rock radio staple “Slow Ride”.  What kind of person attends a concert like this?  To whom could all four of these bastions of mediocrity possibly appeal?  Would such a person buy four t-shirts and relish the upcoming work week when he can make his friends and co-workers green with envy over the fact that he attended such a monumental once-in-a-lifetime event?

To recap: “You might be a redneck”; “Git ‘er done!”; “Baby hold on to me.  Whatever will be will be.”; and “Slow ride.  Take it easy,” are the phrases that will be running in an indefinite perpetual loop through the minds of those whose lives are so bereft of stimuli that virtually anything is suitable to fill the gaping void.

Also on the upcoming Albuquerque area concert roster: Pat Benatar with special guest, Toto.

Because I care about my readers, today’s video will have nothing to do with any of the aforementioned has-beens (no offense to Pat Benatar who I still think is extremely cool — certainly too cool to be touring with Toto).  Here’s a little Cleveland Brown to go with your morning frappuccino:

8 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse Redux!

  1. In all fairness, Foghat is now Roger Earl and any three other guys. I know this because of my extensive collection of … okay, I googled it. But all things considered, if Foghat is only 1/4 of what they were, they might be good now.

    Will Ronnie Spector be joining Eddie Money? She just released a single at the age of 74, with the Ronettes, and that could change things considerably.

    Okay, I Googled that, too.

    My wife got to hang out with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour guys back in 2006 when they came to town; she used to work as staff at the local casino for such events. She said they were cool.

    That part is completely true.

    You’re quickly becoming my favorite curmudgeon blogger on the internet, des. You should get that checked. 😉

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    1. Thank you! That’s one hell of a compliment. When your wife hung with those guys, was Ron White among them? Because he always seemed the odd man out to me, in the sense that he’s actually funny and far less “wholesome” for lack of a more derogatory word.

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  2. Thank you! That’s one hell of a compliment. When your wife hung with those guys, was Ron White among them? Because he always seemed the odd man out to me, in the sense that he’s actually funny and far less “wholesome” for lack of a more derogatory word.


  3. If I remember correctly, he was around but not social. I’ll check that for ya. She gushed about Bill Engvell being a hell of a nice guy, I remember that distinctly.

    Ron White would be the only one of the bunch I’d go out of my way to see. Seriously funny.

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  4. Don’t feel too bad for Eddie–the band KISS is playing at Seneca Casino this fall, which is an exponential step down. Also, Slow Ride was the only song I was able to master on Wii Rock Band, so I have a certain fondness for it–I wish I could go to the concert with my fake Wii guitar and play along. I’m glad Friday Funhouse is back!

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