Wilco or Son Volt?


When Uncle Tupelo disbanded, did you choose to follow Jeff Tweedy’s new musical venture or Jay Farrar’s?

Love & Rockets or Peter Murphy?

Guns ‘N Roses or…Guns ‘N Roses?

The point is, we needn’t choose.  The members of formerly great bands all brought something to the table and they continue to do so after the dissolution of the acts that made them famous.

Desertcurmudgeon or Mazmisc?  Again, why choose?  A fruitful collaboration helped us find our voices and now those voices both deserve their own venues.  If you’re reading this, obviously, you know where to find mine.  Here’s where to find Maryellen’s: Bizarre Data Noise.  Show her some love.

For those who care, I will eventually be re-posting  Ningun Santuario in its entirety so that I can continue creating new installments until it reaches its conclusion.  I haven’t decided how to do so yet.  It is far too long for a single post, but I also don’t feel it’s necessary to split it back up into the 15 or so posts it encompassed on Two Voices.  I need to figure out how to make it available, but in a somewhat archived way so that it doesn’t appear as a new and annoyingly long post.

In the spirit of slack, I will also be capitalizing on the dissolution of Two Voices In One Transmission by re-posting on this page some of my other writing from there that I thought was halfway decent.  For those who already read said pieces, I apologize for the redundancy.  If it makes it more palatable, think of it as the anticipatory summer re-run season in the run-up to the fall premieres.  Or you can choose to think of it as what it really is: the arrogance of a literary hack who wants to believe that the little essays he bangs out in 20 minutes or less are worth re-reading by the handful of followers who were gracious enough to gravitate over to his new but nearly identical web space.

As if to illustrate my point, I will be re-posting another of my pre-existing pieces shortly.  I’d tell those who already read it that you’re entitled to a refund if this whole thing weren’t free of charge.  That being the case, quit yer bitchin’ and take a trip down (very recent) Memory Lane.  What can be more nostalgic than the opportunity to revisit an inconsequential article that you haven’t read in at least a month?  But I know you’ll all do so anyway.  That’s why you’re awesome, every last one of you.


12 thoughts on “Wilco or Son Volt?

    1. True. But as we witnessed in recent pop culture history, the shitty Twilight movies seemed to have instantly spawned a rivalry between those who called themselves Team Edward & those who identified as Team Jacob. If people can become so passionately divided over such unoriginal teen schlock, I figured anything was possible!

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      1. Nor have I. That, perhaps, is the curse of the internet. I’m able to accurately (and without consulting a search engine) state things about awful films I’ve never seen. This is also why I’m painfully aware of many awful current pop musicians whose songs I’ve never heard. You might justifiably ask, “then how do you know they’re awful?” but I think it’s getting easier and easier to suss out shitty entertainment without actually exposing oneself to it.

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  1. I admit to giving up on Van Hagar when DLR went solo. But I was young. My favorite Van Halen song of all time ended up being “Right Now,” so the laugh was ultimately on me. Both artists, and all of their works, are on my 4-stars or more lists now. With age comes wisdom.

    I look forward to re-reading all the stuff I’ve never read before. Benefits of being a newbie to the mind of a curmudgeon. 😉

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