You Want It Darker?


If you are the dealer, I’m out of the game. If you are the healer, it means I’m broken and lame. If thine is the glory then mine must be the shame. You want it darker? We kill the flame. – Leonard Cohen

The transmutation of energy creates the world and destroys it in the same breath. It is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva all in perpetual ascendance. It is your life force and your decomposing corpse; it dances on its own grave.

Victories form the nadir from which we descend into crushing defeat.

The warmth of companionship is the ambiance of the waiting room where we bide our time in anticipation of a lonesome, solitary death. Together we die alone, in fear that we’ve feared the wrong things all along. But at least that’s all there is to fear.

Today I work and write and take in transmissions from our planetary Babylon. I think I understand it all because I understand nothing. I think it’s all real out there, these dispatches from the four corners alerting me of recent events whose veracity I never question. I am the one behind these transmissions, after all, and if I can’t trust myself…

I cloak myself in idealism. I don’t even understand the things I think about, but I will make sure they are doubly incomprehensible in their expression. Seven billion voices declare their ideals and each one gets lost in the cacophony. We create a silence like thunder and take pride in our infinitesimal contribution to the well-oiled chaos.

No one leaves a legacy behind. The dead do not come back.

Those who suffer do so for eternity, as do those who smile. We all smile through our suffering and suffer through our smiles. No one can decide which is worse, because in truth, there is no difference.

Come in, further, and explore this dark cave with impersonal curiosity. It sure as hell doesn’t care about you, so why do you grant it so much respect? Sure as the sun will rise again, so will you. As it shall set again, so shall you. It is a rhythm set in motion long ago and again each moment; you are powerless to bow out of the dance.

Do you want to die? Go right ahead, but there is no escape. Do you want to live? Life is not apart from death. No portion of an arc can be removed from a circle.

Whisper or scream, tremble or dream, the energy will return to its source just as surely as its source will release it anew into the phenomenal realm of illusion.

We are already dead. What’s left to fear? When you arrive at black’s deepest shade, you no longer need to adjust your eyes to the light.

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