Friday Funhouse 2


Yaass, Queens! It’s Friday, and that means the Funhouse is open for business. Please form an orderly line and have your tickets handy.

My apologies to any long time Curmudgeon readers for the slew of reposts that appeared on the page this week, especially yesterday’s veritable avalanche of essays and assorted nonsense that originally appeared on Two Voices In One Transmission. There are some topics that I wanted covered on my new page and since I had already addressed many of those topics, I didn’t see the point in tackling them anew. For my not-so-long-time readers, I must humbly admit that I am incapable of composing a dozen essays on as many topics within the space of a few hours while ostensibly processing mortgages. Sorry if I created the false impression of someone who is nearly supernaturally prolific.

A few months ago, Comedy Central announced that season 4 of Broad City would commence on August 23. That was Wednesday. Ass on couch, bong remote in hand, I anxiously awaited the newest misadventures of Abbi and Ilana. A few minutes into the episode, it dawned on me that what I was watching seemed very familiar. That’s because it was a rerun of an episode from 2014.  The nerve! (See what I did there?) Apparently, they have pushed up the date of the premiere to September 13. Mark yer calendars.

While we wait for the triumphant return of the two most stoned cosmopolitan women in New York, here’s a clip that explores the advantages of stashing weed in one’s vayanya:


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