Hive Mind


There is this theory of the Moebius. A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop from which there is no escape. So when we reach that point, whatever happened will happen again. – Worf, Star Trek: The Next Generation

The above mentioned astrophysical theory of the Moebius, so-named for its similarities to the geometric figure the Moebius Strip, is a favorite modern sci-fi trope, but at present it enjoys scant credibility in scientific circles. I find this sober skepticism a bit strange, as there is a near consensus that space itself is curved. This fact, coupled with Einstein’s breakthrough discovery of space and time forming a single field or “spacetime continuum” would seem to verify the Moebius Theory on the grandest of scales. Even when considering time frames as vast as tens of billions of years, sooner or later a crest will be reached at which point spacetime will curve back on itself, essentially repeating the process of the genesis and expansion of the Universe. Hence, eventually March 16, 1970 will reoccur and I will be born again as Paul Loughman in the town of Belleville, NJ on the continent of North America on the planet Earth. My mother’s beehive hairdo will regain its structural integrity and brunette color and my childhood will begin anew.

Ugh. No wonder scientists largely dismiss such a theory.

But these repeated experiences wouldn’t cause a feeling of deja vu in those reliving them for the second, third or even hundredth time since part of the experience itself was (is, will be) the seeming newness of the situation. Therefore, if true, is it really as monotonous as it sounds? Without our knowledge of the fact that a situation is repeating itself in an infinite loop, it wouldn’t even be as monotonous as this blog post. It would, however, negate many of my own cherished spiritual principles since an infinite loop would have each one of us eternally doomed to live the same earthbound life over and over (or lives…reincarnation can still work in this system; it just wouldn’t have any karmic significance). Regardless, on each repeat go-round, I would once again draw inspiration from the same spiritual maxims that the workings of the Universe continually disprove, and thus they would still have worth.

I wrote all of this just as an excuse to point out that my mom has a beehive hairdo and it has shrunken and grayed with age. I’m not sure when she first entered a beauty salon and said, “Break out the curlers; I want my ‘do to make me two feet taller,” because she has worn her hair that way since before I was born. Like most grand edifices, it has been ravaged by time, but one can still sense its former majesty. And the prospect of her beehive returning to its previous glory again and again is the silver lining to the apparent drudgery and futility of the Moebius Theory. Keep on rockin’ it, Mom. You might as well, since you really don’t have a choice in the matter.

4 thoughts on “Hive Mind

  1. Well, I’m not sure I can wait, like, 6 billion years for this rewind to happen. But now, since you told me, I’ll leave myself a note guiding myself as to what decisions I should make differently. I can beat this system!!

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