Friday Funhouse 3: September


Ba de ya! Say, do you remember? Ba de ya! Dancing in September? Ba de ya! Never was a cloudy day!

It’s Friday, you’re at the Funhouse, come on in, blah blah blah.

It occurs to me that the first month of Spooky Action At A Distance was the digital equivalent of an old and obsolete product repackaged with a fancy new name and prominently displayed at the front of the store beneath a sign declaring “15% New Material!” I would like to thank all of you readers old and new for indulging so many re-posts from the archives. I promise that everything from here on out will be new content — including, of course, the final installments of Ningun Santuario that I will be composing soon. Also coming this fall will be a dual interview with my friend Merbear74 of knockedoverbyafeather. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, do yourself a favor and give her page a follow. She’s honest and kind and awesome and crude and gut-bustingly funny and she has an impressive command of vulgarity. If that’s not enough to convince you to give her a read, I’m not sure what else I can say. What draws people to a web page? Wait, I know: BOOBIES!!  How about that? Are you following her yet? Good.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, Comrades. Here’s Sarah Silverman tackling a difficult subject with her characteristic sensitivity:

11 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse 3: September

  1. I loved EW&F . Course I was a band nerd for a little while in high school. And your clip os Ms Silverman reminded me of another wonderful kids song: Life’s Gonna Suck by Dennis Leary. A peppy little diddy that is sure to bring a smile to their cherubic faces.

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    1. I agree! Mr. Leary has another catchy number that would have been appropriate: “I’m An Asshole”. If I remember correctly, I didn’t post a tribute to Maurice White when he died fairly recently, so hopefully this EW&F-tinged post will make up for that. Look how many frigging people were in that band! I’m surprised they all fit on a stage together.

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  2. I’ve been so busy with your archives I don’t even know how to respond in real time. I feel like I just hit 88 in the DeLorean. But, since I haven’t finished the data dump on my Discover wall I feel like I’ve come back without saving my parents. I just looked outside, as a matter of fact. No big truck.

    I’m tempted to run the DMC-12 back up to speed and head to October and see how the story ends. Yup, I’m the guy that reads the last page first so I know what I’m in for. 😉

    P.S. You got me with the “boobies” thing, but I’m not madaboutit. Good blog. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

    Have a great Friday, man! Happy Present-time to you!

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    1. And a great Friday to you, Tom! I apologize for making you engage in so much time travel, but Doc is getting pretty old, so this may be his last hurrah. The boobies ruse was a cheap ploy, I know, but sometimes that’s what it takes. And since Mer is a woman, it was not an inaccurate thing to say. From what I understand, she does indeed possess a pair but I don’t think they make too many appearances on her blog.

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      1. Hahaha! Well, good to know. 😂

        The best thing about a 3-day weekend, though? More free hours to catch up on spooky action. 😉

        Assuming I don’t just while away the hours drinking beer at “church” all weekend with my pals. 😎 It’s been known to happen.

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