Labor Day Marathon


In the very near future, I will begin posting the final installments of Ningún Santuario.  This is an episodic horror story that I started on my previous blog.  My original intent was to make these older chapters available in an archived format, but as you might have noticed, I couldn’t figure out how to do that so I posted all 15 of them again here on my new page which in retrospect, seems sort of obnoxious to readers both old and new.  So before my ass hits the sofa for the duration of today’s TeenNick iCarly marathon-in-progress, I thought it might be helpful for me to post one last marathon of the story so far before we head into the home stretch.  If you’re wondering how to fritter away the rest of this long weekend, why not settle in for some good, wholesome bloodthirsty zombie hijinks?  And as always, an enormous thank you to those of you who have been such encouraging and enthusiastic readers up to this point.  I hope the upcoming conclusion meets your expectations.

Ningún Santuario



Diego Huerta



Big Chief

Small Mercies

Graveyard Whistling




Justicia Cósmica

Skeleton In The Closet

La Cucaracha

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