A Mind Experiment – Part 1


I would like to conduct a bit of an experiment in mind manipulation for those who are willing to play along.  The nature of what I’m trying to observe necessitates that this will be an experiment in three parts spread across a time span of at least 3 days.  At the end of the third part, I will ask all of you who participated to answer a few questions in the comments section from which I’ll gather my data.

As always, you are perfectly welcome to engage in free-wheeling conversation in the comments sections of parts 1 and 2, but there are certain questions that I may not answer and explanations that I will not give until the conclusion of the experiment. Them’s the breaks.  This is science, Bitch.

Okay, here we go.  Right now, focus exclusively on the words you are currently reading.  As much as possible, concentrate all of your attention on the sentence or the words comprising the sentence or the characters comprising the words that comprise the sentence.  Try not to get distracted by any peripheral visual stimuli.  Just stare at these words.  You don’t need to analyze the content of what I’m saying so much as to just look at the letters – the font, their arrangement, etc.  Ideally, it should have taken a bit longer to read this paragraph than the normal speed at which you read for pleasure.  In a moment, I will ask you to close your eyes and count to 10 slowly, again paying attention to nothing other than the number you are on whether you’re doing it aloud or in your head.  When you’ve finished this bit of mindful counting, open your eyes and let them proceed to whatever appears below this paragraph.  Do this now.




This ends part 1 of the experiment.  Stay tuned, lovers of science!

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