A Mind Experiment – Part 2


Thank you for returning to my laboratory, budding scientists! You are just in time for the commencement of the second part of my little mind experiment. Some might prefer to call it a brain experiment, but “mind” implies something vaster due to its inclusion of abstract qualities unexplored in the field of brain science.

Let’s begin with a short calming breathing exercise. Wherever you are right now, take 10 deep but natural breaths, drawing the in-breath through the nose and the out-breath through the mouth. Let the breathing arise from your belly and your lungs, as opposed to the throat or diaphragm. This prevents shallow and labored breathing and facilitates a natural, measured rhythm. Don’t begin the 10 count until you are breathing slowly, naturally and unselfconsciously. Then just pay attention to every deep inhalation and exhalation, counting off each cycle at the point where the out-breath reaches a pause before the next in-breath. Focus all of your concentration on your breathing. Do this now.

Okay. The purpose of the breathing exercise, in case it wasn’t apparent, was to clear your mind of as much of its normal surface noise as possible. Now, with a calm mind and an understanding that over-analysis will only serve to weaken the results of this leg of the experiment, watch the short video below.

For the rest of the day (or tomorrow, if you’re reading this late in the evening), pay attention to any random thoughts that enter your mind without any apparent outside stimulus.  A friend you haven’t thought of in years, a vague memory suddenly coming to the forefront of your mind for no obvious reason.  If possible, write these down so that you can share them in the comments after the next installment of the experiment.  That’s it for now.  See you back at the lab for the conclusion!

7 thoughts on “A Mind Experiment – Part 2

    1. Ha! That’s actually a very common hang-up and I had to work through it, too, at the onset. That’s why I only asked for a 10 count. The bizarre happy gals singing that little nursery rhyme were members of the Manson Family. Charlie wrote it.

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