Some blog posts just lend themselves to a soundtrack.  Thus, I am taking it upon myself to provide one for this excellent plea for universality written by Tom of the aptly named TomBeingTom.

If you’re feeling discouraged by the ever-increasing inhumanity of the world, please read Tom’s post and then listen to this great roots reggae throwback by the mighty Black Uhuru (or even better, do these two things simultaneously).  In this fucked up climate we find ourselves in, I think we could all use an occasional reminder of our common human bonds.


4 thoughts on “Solidarity

  1. Thank you for the mention, Paul! You really did make my day. There’s something incredibly special about having your favorite blogger blog something about your blog. Incredibly grateful, and glad you appreciated it!

    Now I *really* have to be on top of my game! 😂

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