Friday Funhouse 6: Rocket Man


Willkommen! It’s the Autumnal Equinox and that means I can officially bid the summer of 2017 adieu with a prominently extended middle finger. The sweatiest months of the year laid claim to the Old Guard of pets in the Curmudgeon household, several Caribbean islands, one half of Steely Dan, and America’s last shred of dignity. Vaya con Dios.

At the Fat White Lump’s United Nations debut performance this week, he co-opted the term “Rocket Man” for the second time after having beta-tested it on his Twitter minions, and I fear that if he adopts it as another of his tired mantras, the fact that it was a title to a classic Elton John track will be lost on Millennials forever. In the words of The Dude, this cannot stand.

So to put Rocket Man back into its proper pop cultural perspective, here’s William Shatner’s sublime 1978 Saturn Awards performance of Sir Elton’s seminal work. As you’ll see, this was filmed back in the good old days when people weren’t afraid to admit that the only thing cooler than Captain Kirk is Captain Kirk smoking a cigarette in a tuxedo:


25 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse 6: Rocket Man

  1. I have three takeaways from this:
    1. Fuck, I really want a cigarette right now.
    2. Why the hell is Shatner #3’s tux and tie in a shambles?
    3. I was grinning during this the entire time, which is a great way to start a Friday.

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      1. I’m not sure if you put in a better link or if my computer finally decided to cooperate, but I can see it now. Wow. You know, a whole lot of money could have been saved on the recent elaborate film renderings of Tolkien’s works if the studio heads realized that expensive effects and CGI are unnecessary if you present the story with the same production values used for the show Laugh-In. Nimoy could have taught them a thing or two.

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  2. Coincidentally enough, today was my “ode to the summer gone by” post, as well, though mine was decidedly more rosy, less funny, and almost universally unread.

    I should have remembered to use William Shatner. William Shatner always sells.

    I’m going to save my extended middle finger for the Fat White Lump himself and add that I’m almost entirely sure that Elton John is extending his as well to the same. I’d like to believe that Sir Elton truly enjoys the Shatner version, though. I mean, who wouldn’t?

    Thank you for another spark in my otherwise dull Friday equinox, brother. You should get paid for this, as George said. Although, isn’t the adoration of literally dozens payment enough? 😉

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      1. I completely understand, my good man. I, too, have overlooked a post or two in my cluttered reader in recent days. Plus, it only made it to light in recent hours, as some of the links I initially attached did not work for the world at large and I had to make some final edits. Can’t wait to see your reactions to the “other side” of summer!

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