Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs…and this one has been gracing downtown Albuquerque for as long as I’ve lived here:


And as a bonus, in keeping with the theme of befuddling New Mexican signage, here again are the wonderfully juxtaposed mixed messages towering over a fleabag motel in Farmington, NM:



10 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Ah, the four Ps–so much better than “no shirt, no shoes, no service”! I wonder exactly what kind of perversion prompted its addition to that sign–I don’t know much about Albuquerque, but maybe it should be called “Alber-quirky” *snickers at own joke then rolls eyes at self*

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  2. I always love Boise’s (technically, Nampa’s) electronic billboard entitled “Highway Evangelism.” It’s sort of like highway robbery, except instead of people taking your stuff at sabre point, they instead force Bible quotes on you. Sadly (or happily?), the bottom dropped out of the funding for electronic Bible quotes, so now interspersed with”Jesus wept” and “My family will advertise for the lord” are advertisements for a local RV emporium.

    Salvation salvation salvation! Sunday Sunday Sunday! Prices lower than Satan will lift you above the joyful proclamations of a host of angels… and so on.

    Is there a mixed message in there? Or is that perfectly understandishable?

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      1. I just wish the sign-maker person had a sense of humor, and would insert false bible quotes:

        “We can ill afford another Klendathu” -Proverbs 4:20

        “Hubba, hubba, hubba; money, money, money; who do ya’ trust?!” -Ecclesiastes 29:17

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