Mansion In The Sky


He gave us sophisticated smut for the cosmopolitan chauvinist.  Love him or hate him, he turned American culture on its ear and brought sexuality out from the shadows, destroying its puritanical status as a taboo topic of conversation.  He broke down racial barriers before it was de riguer, though he continued to celebrate the objectification of women long after that became its own deserved social taboo.  Like all of us, he was a complicated human being…in a silk bathrobe with a bunny head stitched into the breast pocket.

Adios, Hugh.  Thanks for everything.

19 thoughts on “Mansion In The Sky

  1. For one, I wanted to say that I came here to leave a comment. I couldn’t leave comments on two other blogs that I follow (no “SEND” button). Is it possible that I’m fucking obnoxious, curse too goddamn much, and they barred me from leaving comments on their precious fucking blogs? I WON’T HAVE IT.

    Anyway, another fun post to read and thanks for it. Remembering Hugh Hefner, ah! I hope, one day, to live out my days in a silk bath robe with a squid sewn into it.

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    1. I should comment that, at least according to the NPRticle that I listened to this morning, he seemed a very lonely and secluded guy for being surrounded by attractive women and celebrities. Not that I ever met the guy or even saw him on t.v. that much, but something about that rings true with me.


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    2. Ha! I doubt you’ve been blocked. We don’t necessarily follow the same blogs, but I swear all the time and have yet to be scolded for it. However, about a month ago, I stopped having the ability to leave comments on anyone’s page no less than 5 times and had to contact some entity called akismet that is apparently responsible for the comment filters. It was a pain in the ass. But obviously, I can see your comment, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this in response to it. So I guess I’ve been of no technical support whatsoever.

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    3. FYI, I find that when I’m on the actual site and my response gets too long, in some cases it pushes the “post comment” button right off the mother-fucking screen. Whether I use “mother-fucking” in my response or not. So, if I don’t want to trim the response down, I’ll copy it and paste it over on the fake page generated by Discover when you click the post there or, if I have a comment thread already going with that post, over where my bell-thingee thing is in the upper right corner.

      I don’t know if your problem is the same as my problem but I thought I’d share because I’m such a mother-fucking nice guy. I also swore three times to see if that had any effect on the “post comment” button below.

      It didn’t. Pardon my French, then.

      I also really like using “FYI” whenever I can.

      Hope I helped!

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  2. I had a friend post the cover page of Playboy from the month and year he was born. I thought that was cool. Mine had a 12-page pictorial on the girls of Scandinavia, for what it’s worth.

    RIP, Hugh. It’s cliche to say you lived a good life but, in this case, it just might be true.

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    1. Girls of Scandinavia is pretty cool. I just looked up mine and it features a 9 page pictorial of Barbie Benton. Nothing wrong with Barbie Benton, but nothing special about my birth month issue, either, because around that time, she was ALWAYS featured in Playboy.

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