We’ve made it to the 10th month of post-rational society and so far, I think we all did a pretty good job of navigating this new lawless and leaderless landscape. For the month of October, as a token of appreciation to myself and all of you, I shall refrain from posting anything about the real-life monsters ravaging the earth in favor of slightly less frightening things that go bump in the night. Many of my virtual comrades seem to be in agreement that we’ve earned a well-deserved break from the anxious analysis of threats emanating from the rotting jack-o-lantern trying to dominate the narrative from Pennsylvania Avenue, so I will do my little part to provide some diversionary Halloween-appropriate material for you to read over your pumpkin spice lattes. As promised, I will bring Ningun Santuario to its conclusion this month so that the story in its entirety will be available by Halloween. But since there are only 2 or 3 more installments to go in that serial horror story, I will also attempt to conjure new monsters to inspire your nightmares.

My good friend Merbear74 of knockedoverbyafeather will also be posting here on Spooky Action At A Distance starting this month. She recently reached the five year anniversary of her wonderful blog and found that it’s become infested by termites, so critical maintenance is required. In the meantime, you can find her here tempering my morbidity with her priceless wit. I know that many of you are already familiar with her writing, but for those who aren’t, do yourself a favor and give her posts a read. You’ll be glad you did.

When I’m not attempting to scare the shit out of my readers here on WordPress, I’m going to spend October trying to figure out which of the following things I should pursue to become slightly less of a hermit than I’ve been for a pathetically long time now:

1) Flee the country for better lands
2) Fall off the grid within the country by joining a Buddhist monastery or some stupid hippie commune
3) Meet a woman and find out if I still have a fucking clue about how to initiate a romantic situation

Did anyone actually fall for that shit? Hell, I’m the one who said it and I’d still place a sizeable bet that by month’s end, I will not have pursued or even contemplated any of those things. I probably won’t even bother donning a costume on the 31st, because I don’t have anywhere to go to display it. Plus, I think my best costumes are behind me. For Halloween, 1995, I was Kurt Cobain with the back of my head blown out. Halloween, 2006 saw me dressed as Steve Irwin with a rubber stingray sticking out of my chest. For Halloween, 2005, I channeled Alice Cooper:


And on Halloween, 2011, I was Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg:


But this year, I shall be dressed as a middle-aged antisocial curmudgeon. The costume will be so good, you won’t even realize I’m wearing one.

Wishing you a distractedly horrifying month, my friends.


25 thoughts on “Loughtober

  1. Your posts are action-packed. Thanks for the heads up about Ningun Santuario, I really need to catch up. Don’t drop out of your society or leave your country. That’s how the Stoopids win. (They are many, my friend, and your chances of survival against them are slim. But you must fight on.) Your ’95 Halloween costume sounds great. I like the Breaking Bad costume too. I think you and I will be wearing the same look this year, however. Awkward.

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  2. Last year I splurged for a (relatively) expensive Han Solo costume, as my friends and I all agreed to Star Wars themes at some random September beer-drinking church-session. On the 26th of September I caught the mother of all bugs and, by the night of the party (the 29th), it had peaked.

    I watched on Facebook, from bed, as all my intergalactic comrades enjoyed and imbibed.

    Needless to say, I will be Han Solo this Halloween, as the (relatively) expensive costume still hangs unseen in my closet.

    I wish you had a picture of the Cobain costume. That’s incredible, as John, Fran, and Cathy Lee would say.

    P.S. I almost didn’t recognize you, now that you’re all blue. 😉

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    1. Yeah, the Cobain get up was quite ambitious and gory but the only pictures that may exist were taken by a long-ex-girlfriend with whom I no longer communicate. I’d love to see your Han Solo costume if you choose to show it to us.

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  3. I remember Mazmic telling me about your Alice Cooper after she saw a picture I posted in a blog entry I titled In Excess. Now I see why. We miss our old Halloweens in New Orleans. We would go all out each year, so much that people would ask us every year if we were doing something. You see we would transform our tiny porch into a new theme every Halloween, but we wouldn’t reveal it until that morning. My wife is an artist and would do amazing things. My job was to assist and provide technical ambience such as lighting, sound, and computer stuff. Probably the saddest thing about having to leave there and not being able to go back. This town things Halloween is so anti-baby-Jesus.

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  4. I’m going to enjoy your new posts…the last few had me thinking you were ready to jump off a bridge. And…briefly…what life processes led you to develop your point of view…which strikes me as being absurdly genius, btw.

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    1. Thank you! Worry not, I’m not contemplating any bridge jumps. But here’s the odd thing about that post that was just apocalyptic quotes and a Killing Joke video: while certainly not as detailed and obviously gleeful about awful things as the Carlin rant I quoted in an earlier post, I do feel a certain exhilaration when simultaneously thinking about worldwide destruction and listening to Killing Joke. They were so good at turning paranoid end-of-the-world visions into excellent, sinister, tribal-sounding punk rock.

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