A Halloween Poem


Don’t be afraid of us monsters

We only want to play

Please, come to our haunted house

Werewolf will show you the way

We can all bob for apples

Or perhaps howl at the moon

Frankenstein makes a mean bean dip

And Dracula will make you swoon

We monsters know how to party

We’ll put the scream into your night

Just bring your own libations

Or Mummy will get uptight…

…because he’s a real fucking asshole.

20 thoughts on “A Halloween Poem

  1. And with this, the Halloween theme is set. I’ve been intentionally thinking about the most horrifying situations I can imagine since I got up this morning in the hopes that one of them will click and express itself in something terrifying here. But maybe I should finish the story I’ve been working on since March before moving on to other plots. We’ll see.

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    1. I also love Halloween, so I thought, what a perfect thing to set the tone, a gathering of monsters.
      Not to sound like a diva, but when I tried to add “humor” to categories, it wouldn’t let me.
      I know you have thousands of frightening things in your head, just set them free, man.

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