Friday Funhouse 8: The Office Nightmare


When the working day is done, oh girls, they wanna have fun!

Work was uncharacteristically busy this week due to some poorly timed vacations on the part of my co-workers. Next week promises to be even busier. My job is great when I’m not expected to accomplish anything, but a few times a year, circumstances conspire to create an expectation that I actually do something related to mortgages or spreadsheets or money or some shit and that makes me grumpy.

Sitting at a desk for a living isn’t for everyone. But I am a delicate flower and manual labor is bad for my complexion. So at desks I sit. People pay me to sit at desks. It’s a pretty good deal.

Many people who do not sit at desks for a living tell me that they would consider doing so a fate worse than death. For those who feel this way, this little scene from Bob’s Burgers is for you. After the restaurant gets a bad review from a prominent local food critic, Bob flips through the want-ads and begins to fantasize about what life would be like as an accounts receivable clerk. Enjoy:

7 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse 8: The Office Nightmare

    1. Same to you, Tom! Yeah, I have worked in that kind of corporate environment in the past, but my current office is very different. There are only 5 employees, it’s extremely laid back, my boss and his wife have become more like friends than bosses, I’m sitting here at my desk in an Ozzy t-shirt and my hair hanging in my face, I can swear all I want, etc., etc. In other words, it’s not like real life. Except for when 2 out of the 5 of the staff go on vacation at the same time.

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      1. I should have been clearer, but my work life is actually more like yours. Me, the boss, his wife, one part-time sales guy, two delivery guys. That’s it. Most of the time the boss comes in only in the afternoon. Half the time the boss’ wife doesn’t come in at all. The part-time guy is here to fill in when I’m away. The delivery guys are out delivering, if I’m doing my job right.

        So, most of the time, it’s just Tom. Being Tom. 😉

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