The War Dance


Mourning in the aerodrome.  The weather warmer, he is colder.  Four men in uniform to carry home my little soldier…What could he do?  Should have been a father, but he never even made it to his twenties.  What a waste, Army Dreamers. – Kate Bush

World war.  Civil war.  Turf war.  Cold war.  Race war. Drug war.  Cyber war.  Nuclear war.  Proxy war.  Religious war.  Price war.  Gang war. Chemical war.  Range war.  Cola war.  Drone war…

Billions of fractured micropixels defragment into a lumbering mass of global identity crisis.  Egos seek pride in the illusion of uniqueness.  When Consciousness splinters, its wisdom-deprived constituents draw battle lines and engage in suicidal struggle.

If you cherish yourself, you are a warmonger indeed.  With your self-hatred, you have tossed an explosives-laden boomerang into the air.  If you acknowledge any other self than That which encompasses all, you march perpetually into battle.

War begins at home, in the place where you keep your mirror.  The I asserts its independence, the amygdala electrifies, anger rises up and looks for a place to express itself.  It seeks confirmation of its worth only to find that everyone is too busy confirming their own to acknowledge yours.   In the fog of delusion, we fight for our survival.

In the light of reality, there is no one to fight.  Om Tat Sat.  When we awaken from the dream of self, doves will fill the sky.  Illusion will disappear along with the sleep in our eyes.  The peace of Unity is the endgame of wisdom and wisdom alone is immortal.

Lay down your arms, for the battle is internal.  There is nothing to be vanquished but delusion.

18 thoughts on “The War Dance

  1. Well goddamn it I fucking loved this post. It’s some angry poetry to start with, and some seriously enlightened wisdom in the final two paragraphs. I could be wrong, but I guess you have some Buddhist leanings or tendencies. The revelation / annihilation of self: “When we awaken from the dream of self, doves will fill the sky.”

    If this evern happens, I hope Chow Yun Fat also goes flying by, firing dual Colt 45s (right out of a Jon Woo film), screaming “Mickey Mouse!!”

    The first part almost read like an angry rap. You should pitch that to prophets of rage.

    The nugget of truth that all of us ignorant motherfuckers need to learn (and fast): “Lay down your arms, for the battle is internal. There is nothing to be vanquished but delusion.”

    I could print that on a t-shirt and wear it on my death bed. Thank you, sir.

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I labor under very Buddhist tendencies…although a far more “devout” Buddhist friend of mine constantly points out that I’m not really a Buddhist because I don’t have a guru or a sangha and I don’t necessarily buy into reincarnation and the bardo and deities, etc. However, the whole pantheistic notion that the thing we call god is nothing other than ourselves is very much a Hindu idea that I absolutely buy into. Buddhists don’t like to deal with any “why are we here?” type questions. There’s a wisdom to that, of course, because there is no “why” to be discovered, but I am just wired to ponder these things.

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      1. I think we all (well… many of us) are hard-wired for curiosity. I sometimes hate that, a lot of the time, it all boils down to evolution. As my last principal said, “We are curious people. WE were the ones who wanted to investigate the noise coming from the bushes; we weren’t the people who got ate by that thing.”

        Anyway, you’re right, there is a wisdom to not asking those why questions, but there’s a foolishness to denying our own natures (unless it’s the Buddhist part… in which case, I suppose it’s not foolish… like denying materialism and those tendencies).

        I care not for orthodox anything. In fact, I suppose I prefer unorthodox. Maybe it’s just because, like you, I’d prefer to pick and choose the pieces of philosophy that I like and that have value to me. I officially damn the notion that you need a guru and all of that stuff to be a true Buddhist. I’ve always been of the notion that a true Christian would actually SHUN church and the organization; if there is a god, why would it care if we went to the official building vs finding it in nature?

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  2. Too many wars. Too many lives!
    You amazingly expressed this painful topic. “War begins at home, in the place where you keep your mirror.”
    Visual perspective. I think this is one of my favorites of yours. It felt less like a rank, and more like an appeal. It is really good.

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  3. I am asked by many, less enlightened than yourself, “don’t you support the god-damned troops!?!”

    That’s how the unenlightened always talk in Redding.

    My response is always the same (unless I think it’ll cost me a refrigerator sale, because #rent):

    “I feel sorry for them, if that’s what you mean.”

    War is never about soldiers, but about petty men in power, seeking not the glorification of the fighters or even of war itself, but the glorification and enrichment of the self. The current warmonger in the United States beats not the drum of freedom but the drum of ego, and we will all pay the price for that.

    Beautiful piece. Now I have to go tell some egomaniac to f-off. Your anger has inspired mine.

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    1. Thanks, Tom! I seem to wind up expressing anger even when my intent is the opposite. This post was my way of sort of addressing current events without actually addressing them, since I promised my readers I would not speak about such things for the entire month. As you can imagine, it’s been challenging trying to hold to that promise.

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      1. I can certainly imagine it is, especially since the Idiot-in-Chief has been ramping up the rhetoric of late. I think he’s challenging your ability to stay silent, personally. That would be JUST like him. 😉

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    2. You live in Redding?! Fuckin’ A! I know the people you speak of. Good times.

      Great response. It’s sad. I support the troops, too, and I don’t know who wouldn’t. However, like, what the fuck do people ever mean by support the troops? When people say yes, I think what they mean is, “I don’t actively oppose them or speak out against them,” not, “I do a lot of good shit for the troops.” Because almost no one does. We just wear t-shirts and shit.

      The troops aren’t the enemy, ironically enough, on either side of the battle lines. It’s about the “petty men in power.”

      “Satan, laughing, spreads his wings…

      …OH LORD YEAH!”

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      1. Yes, sir! Are you from the area??

        I definitely support the troops and hope upon them nothing but times of peace. Because I definitely do not support war. Unfortunately, that seems to be all POTUS wants these days, and we both know why he wants that.

        And, Sabbath … oh lord yeah! 🤘🤘🤘

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