Screaming Females


If anyone is annoyed at my all-out assault on your ears that came in the form of Jan Terri earlier today, I hope this will make up for it.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be going to a little club in downtown Albuquerque to see the Screaming Females, a band that hails from my old stomping grounds of New Brunswick, NJ.  In my opinion, they’re about the best indie/punk band around.  And I have a major crush on the endearingly frumpy and flaky singer/lead guitarist Marissa Paternoster even though I’m twice her age and she’s a lesbian.  Want to know the mark of a great band?  They can take one of the most god-awful songs ever written and turn it into something magical.  Here’s their take on Taylor Swift’s abomination “Shake It Off”:

And here they are doing an original track, “Laura and Marty”:



21 thoughts on “Screaming Females

  1. Like their original. The video reminds me of college parties and The Gear Daddies… that was about my speed. Hope I didn’t offend with the mention fo the Gear Daddies but it was so ‘cool man’ to know them personally, see them hit the David Letterman show then BREAK UP!!! Damn them. They didn’t want the fame but I don’t blame them! Have a great time tonight. ~Kim

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    1. Thanks! There are stylistic similarities, to be sure. But when I saw the Ramones, Joey towered over me at nearly 6’5″ and Marissa might not even be 5’0″. I will have to situate myself properly — concerts at small clubs aren’t very kind to height-challenged people like me.

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      1. I didn’t realize he was THAT tall. I understand the challenges you face, only because of my wife @ 5’3″. I am the “can you get that for me” guy since I do stand about 6′. I am a little old lady’s friend in the grocery store. 😁

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