Ningún Santuario – Complete


Just in time for Halloween, the episodic zombie thriller I’ve been posting here is finally complete.  I am enormously flattered that so many of you have followed this over 7 months and across two different blog pages — your encouragement is what motivated me to see it through to its conclusion.    Before I leave you with the links to all 20 installments, I’d like to share a couple of things.  First, all locations mentioned in the story are actual places in New Mexico (except, of course, for the brief scenes that took place in Oaxaca, Mexico and Chicago, IL).  From sites like the Big Chief gas station that may have been familiar to Breaking Bad fans to the Santa Fe apartment complex where Sgt. Martinez lived and the specific venues of local A.A. meetings, I strove to be authentic because New Mexico really is a place of magic — both beautiful and dark.  Second, my knowledge of the rituals and culture of Santa Muerte is scant (not to mention my grasp of basic Spanish), so some inaccuracies are to be expected.  And finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to Vince Gilligan for expertly tapping into the sinister vibe of the southwest and inspiring so much of the imagery I used in my comparatively amateurish tale.  Enjoy!

Ningun Santuario (Prologue)



Diego Huerta



Big Chief

Small Mercies

Graveyard Whistling




Justicia Cósmica

Skeleton In The Closet

La Cucaracha


Flying Star

Smoke Screen



27 thoughts on “Ningún Santuario – Complete

    1. I’m not sure about publishing. I would have to expand it out quite a bit, develop the characters more, etc. I had written part 1 (the first installment) years ago. When I decided to continue with it on the blog back in March, the style I used changed dramatically to make it more “blog worthy” (shorter bursts, each containing at least one shocking and/or creepy event). So I see it more as a kind of horror soap opera than the makings of a book.

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      1. That’s what I did with The Old Woman, The Stag and Me. I am making that into a book but it’s changing (and expanding) drastically because the format is so different for blogging. I guess only you can know whether it’s something you want to continue working on ☺

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      2. Yeah, book and blog are very different formats, aren’t they? If I do revisit this for expansion into more of a novel type feel, I’ll at least have to make a few characters more 3 dimensional so that the reader actually gives a shit when they die. I can’t imagine anyone was too upset when Marissa and Jim saw the business end of the machete because I had barely said anything about either of those characters.

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      3. I don’t. Aside from the pre-written prologue, I banged out each installment directly to WP without saving a draft. But I’m sure it’s not nearly long enough for novelization. The memoir I spent 3 years writing just barely cracks 150 pages and this can’t even be half as long as that was.

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  1. You really are so talented, Paul. You have have an amazing degree of insight that you are able to translate to the written word that engages so many. I hope you do decide to look deeper at expanding and publishing it.

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