Ghastly Things To Stick In Your Ear


I suspect some of you guessed that I’d be posting a Halloween playlist sooner or later.  But if you were expecting more social commentary songs like the Dead Kennedys’ “Halloween” or  worse, lighthearted novelty fare like “The Monster Mash”, you might want to avoid listening to the audio nightmares below.  These are songs (some might be more accurately described as soundscapes) that will appeal to those who truly enjoy being frightened and disturbed in the deepest and darkest parts of their psyches.  Happy Halloween, All.

1.  “Catalan” by Psychic TV

2.  “Love” by Skinny Puppy

3.  “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” – Bauhaus

4.  “Ubu Noir” – Coil

5.  “The Ballad of Dwight Fry” – Alice Cooper

6.  “Magick Defends Itself” – Psychic TV

7.  “The Bottom Feeder” – Nurse With Wound

11 thoughts on “Ghastly Things To Stick In Your Ear

  1. Thanks for the playlist! My morning, at work, has been spent (a) recovering from Saturday night’s big holiday bash, and (b) exploring the relevance of the first indictments in the Mueller probe. It looks like it’ll be a scary Halloween for the residents of the White House, and it looks like the meat on the bone of your return to the political landscape in two days just got beefier.

    Happy Monday to ya, Paul!

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  2. Ho-lee shit.

    Someone else in the world familiar with Nurse With Wound. Too good. I’m glad I really only knew one of the artists (Cooper), as this will give me something to explore today.

    Sadly, I’m only full of cheesy, obvious recommendations like Misfits’ cover of “Monster Mash” (Only Only on that one) or that excellently awful “I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me” with the MJ cameo.

    Party on!

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  3. Thanks. Paul…I have been waiting for you to post something. I am actually going to put up a song myself for today. I wasn’t sure if it would hit your list or not, but appears to be missing. So I am safe!

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