Friday Funhouse 13: What Is Inspirado?


Come one, come all and waste some time at The Funhouse!

The theme for today is inspiration. Over the past year, I’ve read many blog posts that seemed to be fishing for inspiration from other bloggers for good topics or graphics or ways to attract more readers to their pages. Having encountered writer’s block more than once in my 47 year history, I can sympathize with their plight but I’m afraid they’re barking up the wrong tree. You see, true inspiration comes from within and pilfering second-hand ideas may end up yielding something that has all the appeal and passion of a book report or a letter to the editor of Cigar Aficionado.



Before I cede the floor to Jack Black and Kyle Gass for their exhaustive illustration of the search for the elusive inspirado, I must regretfully announce that the Funhouse will be closed next week as I will be leaving on a road trip next Friday morning. That is, unless Merbear74 would like to fill in for me and compose next week’s installment. Mer? Can you step in and keep the Funhouse run unbroken? It’s quite simple and I’m sure you’ll do it justice. Just type a bunch of nonsense until you’ve got a couple of paragraph’s worth of it, then finish up with some shit you ripped from YouTube. Got it? Good.

But if you still find yourself at a loss, allow the mighty motherfucking Tenacious D to virtually bludgeon you over the head with inspirado:

28 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse 13: What Is Inspirado?

  1. Football Fever! 👏👏👏

    As a terrible segue to a completely unrelated aside, I just found out that my game is not being televised this weekend on any of the local or So Cal stations I get through my dish. Furthermore, neither is my friend’s game. This means we’ll have to go to the local tavern to view our teams. To make matters more interesting, he has a morning game, and I have an afternoon one.

    You know what that means.

    All. Day. Drinking.

    I may be looking for inspiration on Monday morning. 😉

    As for your trip, enjoy! I know that Mer will do the FFH justice in your absence; can’t wait to see what she is inspired to do!

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