A Blessed Day


Annually, the Catholic Church observes six Holy Days of Obligation, in addition to 52 Sundays on which practicing Catholics are obliged to attend Mass, bringing the grand total to 58 days per year on which the Pontiff-led faithful find themselves spectators to a bizarre transmogrification ceremony that culminates in a cannibalistic feeding frenzy whose main course is the flesh of their Messiah.

In stark contrast, the Church of Curmudgeon only recognizes one Holy Day of Obligation in any given calendar year and that day is today, the Solemn Feast of November 13th. Most of you are probably unaware of the significance of this holy observance and that’s okay. We’re all about forgiveness here and the only thing that matters is that you are here right now to join in this blessed celebration. All you need to do to be considered in good standing with the Church is watch this short video explaining the mystical origins of this most sacred of days:

18 thoughts on “A Blessed Day

  1. Ah. I feel blessed and forgiven. I also feel old, but forgiven for that as well. Growing up Catholic, I was VERY involved as I attended both catholic grammar and high schools. I remember all those feasts of this, etc. The month I hated was October with all their “devotions”…and the incense that used to make think I was going to pass out, as one of the altar boys that carried it and helped the priest with it. I definitely prefer The Church of Curmudgeon’s holy day and reason!!!

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  2. Ah, I haven’t heard that blessed theme song for many a year; was certainly a favorite of mine when I was younger. Oddly enough, on Friday, I was thinking of the Odd Couple and trying to remember Felix’s warning to Oscar when his wife went up the hallway and caught him in the bedroom, I believe kissing another woman, that led to Oscar’s divorce. I believe Felix yelled, “Stow it, Oscar!” but I can’t say for sure.

    I don’t remember why I was thinking of that scene. That was an entire weekend ago now.

    Thank you for the hilarious share, and the walk down memory lane. Have a great week, Paul!

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      1. It was a flashback episode during the TV series, revisiting the events that broke up Oscar’s marriage; while Felix was still married.

        Or, it was a half-dream in the 80’s, induced by hallucinogenics.

        Equal chance of either. 😉

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      2. I think I found it. It was the 21st episode of the second season (’71-’72) and it was called “A Night to Dismember.”

        Oscar, Felix, and Blanche recount their versions of the night Oscar and Blanche split up.

        I’m still not sure what Felix yelled to Oscar as Blanche headed up that hallway, but I still think it was “Stow it, Oscar!”


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      3. Oh yeah, I remember that one now! But I don’t recall exactly what Felix said. I do, however, recall an episode where Felix comes home and starts shouting frantically for Oscar who responds from down the hall, “I’m in the shower, would ya?!” That cracked me up far more than it should have. What did that mean? Would ya what?

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      4. Haha! I meant to look up that episode, play it, or at least fast-forward it to find Felix’s odd-ball warning (Oscar belittled it as unsatisfactory immediately after). But I didn’t. I didn’t have the energy after work, after that drinking marathon on Sunday, for any endeavor.

        Maybe I’ll let it hang out there as my endless quest. We all need dangling procrastinations in our lives sometimes. 😎

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  3. Today, as a Catholic I don’t member what it means But a GOD LOVING MAN A Gentleman @ Wal Mart needed for his Bill @ the Pay area was Bigger than what He brought and GOD Allowed Martin to PAY! What an AWESOME DAY!

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