Filthy Acts of Betrayal

Hi there! I’d like to apologize for my extended absence. It’s a really decent excuse too.

My partner and husband of 15 years is a lying, cheating sociopath and I had no other choice but to kick him out. After it came to my attention that he was having an ongoing affair, I went 100% no contact with him on December 4th.

He’s been such a bad boy, I had to put this as my “intro” on Facebook:

If you’re here to rat out my husband, don’t bother. I already know that he’s a sleazy bastard.

Yep. The current tally is now 5. Every damn time that I log in, I’m afraid that another one of his extracurricular activities (or an honest friend of one) has left me a message informing me of his filthy acts of betrayal.

This would have been me 60 years ago.

At this point, I don’t give a shit how many times he’s been screwing around. The damage has been done and I’d love to plead total blissful ignorance from now on. I mean, five is bad enough, why add insult to injury.

I like my salt on my fries, not rubbed into my wounds.

I’ve been struggling to write on my own blog, so sadly my gig over here on Spooky blog has been on a hiatus. But, I am starting to write again and am semi-participating in blogging once more.

I’ve done a lot of swearing, crying, sleeping, zoning out…repeat cycle.

Don’t get me wrong, though. My husband has always been a bit of an abusive asshole in other ways, so my almost 21-year-old kidlet and myself have been enjoying many freedoms that we had almost forgotten about.

That word, though. Freedom. It’s a beauty, ain’t it?

I am planning on posting here at Paul’s bit of the internet at least once a week, like I had originally planned before I had the rug pulled ungraciously out from under me.

There are certain topics that I’m unable to dish about on my own blog, plus how in the fuck could I turn down such an awesome invite from our very own curmudgeon?

Exactly. I could not (would not in a boat.)

No. Not even with a goat.

24 thoughts on “Filthy Acts of Betrayal

      1. I think your filter is very accurate right now. It is performing up to standards and doing it’s job miraculously. I know you don’t see it, but you are a model of a warrior woman right now.

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  1. Sad for you. Detach. Be the first to ask a question on Paul’s new “Ann Landers type” Blog. He will discuss detachment, Zen, Buddhism, metaphysical angst and much more. Pain may motivate you to write and get it all out. The bastard!

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  2. Yay freedom! I can understand you not wanting or needing to know if there are any more women out there. You already know he’s a scumbag, you don’t need to have chapter and verse. Besides, you’re probably much better off not knowing what he’d been doing anyway, for the sake of your sanity.

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  3. Thanks for sharing and I certainly hope this shitty wound heals more quickly than not. In honesty, and knowing nothing about you, I was worried that curmudgeon was the partner… way to be a decent human, desert!!

    Anyway, fuck that jive. Write on, write on.

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    1. Thank you. I am already sensing the positives in between the tears and swear words. What hurts the most if that my relationship was all basically a sham, which makes me question myself as to how he was able to fake it for so many years.


    1. Aw, thank you Tom! (That’s my husbands name, but I won’t hold that against you.)
      I happily accept your hugs, I am in lack of real ones right now, unless you count my oversized Cheetah that I spoon with on the couch. 🙂
      I am much better off, for sure. What a bastard. Tsk.

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  4. No cheating involved, but I am having my own issues causing a whole different brand of psychological torture. (Why I have not been around.) Right there with ya sister. Reach out if you need an ear.


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