Friday Funhouse 19 1/2: Gilbert


This week’s jaunt through the Funhouse will be disappointingly brief.  If that makes you feel cheated, go revisit yesterday’s post about taffy and butts and other such nonsense as you’d normally expect to see from me on a Friday.

Contrary to popular opinion, I consider Gilbert Gottfried to be a comic genius.  If you raised an eyebrow at that statement, Google his performance at the Comedy Central roast of Hugh Hefner wherein he made a spur-of-the-moment decision to scrap his prepared monologue in favor of repeating what rapper Ice-T had said a few speakers before him, beginning with the words, “Look at all of you white motherfuckers!”

This is a man who actually managed to lose his gig voicing the Aflac duck because he made some tasteless jokes about the 2011 earthquake in Japan before the aftershocks of that seismic event had even ceased.  Think about that.  He was deemed too controversial to be allowed to continue shouting the word “AFLAC!” in the voice of a duck.  For that, I must humbly salute his uncelebrated brilliance.

Here’s Gilbert telling the longest, dirtiest and most nauseating joke of all-time.  Hang in there — I promise you, it’s well worth 10 minutes of your time:



12 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse 19 1/2: Gilbert

    1. It is indeed The Aristocrats! Of course, the fact that those words are in the upper left hand corner of the video kind of ruins the punch line, but it’s really not about the punch line, it’s about all the filth that comes before it.

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    1. Doesn’t he? There’s an entire film of comedians doing their own take on that joke and even though it features some of my favorite comics of all time — most notably, Sarah Silverman — Gilbert’s version was hands down the most ridiculously vile of them all.

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  1. I watched this at work. Out loud. There was no one around, and I still squirmed uncomfortably. Good lord, I wish the boss was savvy enough to replay internet histories. 😉

    I have never heard of the Aristocrats thing, so the punchline was meaningless to me, but the whole thing had me laughing (uncomfortably, hysterically) through and through. Afterwards, I wiki’d the Aristocrats and got educated. Where have I been?

    After that (slow day) I googled the Hugh thing, too. Gottfried. Who don’t love him? This was his best stuff since Ford Fairlane. 😏

    Thanks for giving us a second helping of the Funhouse, Paul. I was thoroughly disgusted (<—strikethrough) amused by it!

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