More Comments Without Context


Back in September, I shared some samples of antagonistic comments that I posted below articles appearing in the Yahoo News feed.

Here are some more recent examples of me publicly losing my shit that I’ve decided to share for the benefit of Justin, the mind behind BadParentingWeb.  Like most of us, he’s getting worn down by the ever-increasing insanity threatening to devour the country so I figured it might be nice of me to show him that he is in no way alone in his frustration.  As in the earlier post, I will not explain the specifics of the article or comment to which I was responding because that would take up entirely too much room and I trust all of you will understand exactly what I mean without such superfluous detail.  A quick disclaimer: you will see one or more of the words I recently banned myself from using on this blog page within these comments.  But this does not constitute a failure to live up to my promise because these little blurbs were not originally composed for publication on Spooky Action At A Distance.  Enjoy:

  • I hope you are able to find a compatible brain donor, Ron, because at the moment, you are hopelessly stupid. You should be amazed that outlets like CNN still refer to this illiterate subhuman as the president when clearly what he is is the POS who destroyed that office for eternity. Losers are not allowed to shout “winning!” so please cease and desist. Charlie Sheen lost his gig on Two and A Half Men for the same delusional narcissism. 
  • You know precisely what he meant. I hope your cat feasts on your eyeballs while you sleep. 
  • Really? You’re gonna bring up competence in an attempt to defend the most incompetent, illiterate moron ever to vulgarize the United States?? 
  • Right about now, I really wish I believed in reincarnation because if the Buddhist take on that concept were true, this bloated subhuman would find himself reborn as a tapeworm feeding on the bacteria of the distended stomach of a malnourished child living in a ****hole country. In lieu of that, I’ll accept, you know, IMPEACHMENT!!! Good Lord, GOP. Are you trying to commit political suicide? 
  • “I’m not saying I have or haven’t” — are you five years old, you flabby POS? This isn’t a cliff-hanger segment on The Apprentice — you are allegedly acting as the President of the United States. I think we should make it mandatory that you actually get on one of your private jets and land at Pyongyang Airport so we can see just what the DPRK really thinks of you. I hear their prison camps are even less lavish than you find the White House to be. 
  • The only thing that has saved the world’s dumbest criminal from prosecution thus far is the infuriating tendency of opportunistic people to let him continue leaving his wake of destruction because their own finances and careers are more important to them than the fate of the nation or the administration of justice or even just plain old human decency. So…in a way, I can look at this publicity stunt of a “presidency” as something that had to happen in order to finally bring this stupid, stupid, STUPID “stable genius” to justice. Hey, T***p, when you were descending that escalator to the forced adulation of paid actors two years ago, did you really not think this through? 
  • Once something is emblazoned with his name, it invariably turns to excrement. Just ask “his people” in Scotland who would probably beat him senseless with their shillelaghs if given the opportunity. I can think of no more appropriate place to dispose of our toxic waste than DJT State Park. 
  • Interesting that you find this curious. Please, enlighten us. What, in your mind, has he done other than lie, display his utter stupidity and illiteracy, stoke hatred, and bring us to the brink of nuclear apocalypse? A positive article about T***p is impossible to compose within the confines of existing facts and undistorted reality. 
  • Interesting graphic. Of course, T***p is about as buff as William Howard Taft, and he dresses in suits that are 4 sizes too large, and he’s orange, and his hair is a chloroformed rodent, and his jowls are flabby and an actual American flag would wilt and disintegrate in his tiny, tiny hands. 
  • The “Land of the Free” has been a police state for longer than I’ve been alive. And that is precisely why those who benefit from such draconian policies continue to sing out the tired old refrain that we’re oh-so-lucky to live in such a free nation with such sweeping liberties. Right. That’s why our cops are more heavily armed than some nations’ militaries and our prison population exceeds that of any other country on earth. 
  • The bigger idiot in this story is Bannon. How in the world could any functioning adult NOT understand that T***p has no clue what it is to be loyal or a friend or an ally to anyone? That he cares for only one sub-human being; namely, the fat orange lump in the David Byrne suit that stares at him from the mirror? That he has spent his entire “career” kissing up to people he needs and then throwing them to the wolves the second they no longer serve his narcissistic purposes? This is a person who is SO insecure and subconsciously understands how vile he really is that he has to make people take loyalty pledges. Just as most jealous lovers are themselves cheaters, T***p himself is utterly incapable of loyalty — so it follows that he doesn’t really know what it is and hence, he tries to demand it. Forced loyalty = forced faith…at least he’s learning something from his evangelical base, eh? 
  • @Catherine “He”? Again: you seem to be confusing “the creator” with a human being. That’s what anthropomorphic means. I did not say that we created the creator — I said we created the idea of a creator. Were it not for this dualistic notion of a god that can somehow separate itself from its own creations which are by extension itself, we could not have created the notion of “cosmic justice” or “god’s law” to give validity to our contrived human notions of justice and law. I have studied far more theology than you know. In fact, that’s precisely why I am so well-versed in its wholesale delusion. 
  • Thank you for treating us to the most meandering display of mental illness on the web today. I will be calling Nurse Ratched shortly to up your meds. 
  • @Frank I’m rather perplexed as to why you want to live a life feeling judged when in order to do so, you have to accept the invented judge of self-righteous power seekers. Morality does not need religion, contrary to the frightened claims of the desperate “faithful”. And clearly, since you feel that judgment is a virtue and acceptance a vulgarity, your faith isn’t very secure. 
  • Forgive but don’t forget. The go-to oxymoron of the self-righteous. 
  • “Your lord” said no such thing. An anthropomorphic creator harboring the worst human tendencies of jealousy, vengeance and forced adoration (kind of like Donald T***p, eh?) is a contradictory impossibility created to intentionally trap its gullible believers in an inescapable double-bind. “God loves you” and “sinners will burn in hell for eternity” can only co-exist in the minds of people who are so confused by the never-ending patriarchal rules they’ve been force-fed all of their lives that they fail to see the glaring contradiction. 
  • This ignorant curmudgeon is very cozy with the for-profit prison industry. Some things should never be privatized and prison is at the top of that list. Anyone still laboring under the delusion that we live in the “Land of the Free” is someone who has no understanding of what freedom means. In the US, our biggest “freedom” is the freedom to persecute and enact more draconian laws on behalf of corporate interests than any other reasonably democratic nation on earth. This is what you get in a system of unregulated capitalism, my economically conservative friends. You get tyranny — not at the hands of the government, though they carry out the dirty work — but at the hands of Corrections Corp. of America and Pfizer and Anheuser Busch. Our country is the laughingstock of the world. 
  • Glad to see you quoting Jesus’ famous and inspirational “carnival freaks” sermon, you walking contradiction. 
  • It is officially impossible to report on the most dangerous idiot walking the Earth without showing some bias, you fascist sycophant. I’ve been waiting an entire year for this “bias” to show itself as the Orange Jowl Monster led the country right off a cliff with his perfect blend of narcissistic authoritarianism, mind-numbing stupidity, and hallucinatory world view. The fact that, like T***p, you actually somehow thought that Miller got the upper hand in this interview proves that not only are you an idiot, you are a willful, proudly uninformed, rage-filled idiot. Go suck on your Harley’s tailpipe. 
  • Orange Convict-In-Training: having your daddy hand you a wad of cash larger than what most people make in their entire careers makes you a spoiled brat, not a genius. Achieving notoriety by being the most unethical real estate developer on earth makes you a sleazeball, not a genius. Enlisting the help of Vladimir Putin to convince 33% of the nation that hate and tough guy posturing and racist-tinged rallies will “make America great again” makes you an opportunistic sociopath, not a genius. Forgetting things that you have said on record and on camera hundreds of times because those incessantly repeated statements no longer suit your narrative makes you a lunatic, not a genius. Oh, and like, you’re a very, like unstable moron and the fact that you have to publicly spew the contrary into the Twittersphere day after day proves that deep down, even you know how illiterate, ignorant and just plain stupid you are. Understand now? Or do you want me to repeat it about a hundred more times, ending each sentence with “okay?” while making spastic hand gestures? 
  • This is what you get, T***p Flunkies. Since you have now ensured that US candidates needn’t have any experience, knowledge, self-control, class, taste, humanity or literacy, you have opened the floodgates for any celebrity to throw his or her hat into the political ring. And because you chose the absolute WORST human being on the planet as your celebrity savior, it is almost a given that anyone running against him would destroy him, despite all of the GOP’s continued efforts to redistrict and gerrymander to tilt the odds in their favor. At this point, Screech from Saved By The Bell could win against this sack of orange excrement. 
  • What a brave stand you take — on behalf of you and your family, John, thank you for being such stalwart American patriots. I bet your family is about as interesting as a box of saltines. Idiot. 
  • Right, because this has always been a good idea. Step 1: arm a seemingly pro-US foreign group; Step 2: when said group uses the arms to depose a dictator we don’t like, call it a victory for the US; Step 3: when the guns don’t magically disappear and the group to whom we sold them inevitably turns its sights on US — you know, the people who just love to go around the world bombing and occupying other nations — people in the intelligence community feign surprise; Step 4: embark upon an endless, unwinnable war against a group of people who are now fighting us with our own weapons. Anybody remember bin-Laden? Saddam Hussein? Or has our attention span really become so pathetic? 
  • Oh, I thought T***p only liked soldiers who didn’t die. This idiot truly believes we have forgotten everything he’s said in the past that displayed his enormous disrespect for veterans. The list of reprehensible things this homunculus has said on record are enough to fill the National Archives. Your words do not suddenly go away because you went to Fairy Land and woke up again, Moron. We remember every disgusting word you’ve uttered. Now kindly stop pretending you harbor any feeling other than disdain for veterans. 
  • Let’s face it: Americans are proud to be ignorant. The loudest voices emanating from our shores condemn anyone with an intellect as being “arrogant”, anyone with knowledge as being suspect, and anyone with eloquence as being condescending. They are so well aware of their utter uselessness to humanity at large that they have to convince themselves that being a fat, drunk, angry, uninformed simpleton is a point of pride. Culture is behind everything — even and especially the politicians it creates. Hence, we are now being accurately represented by this tasteless, classless, clueless vulgarian simpleton. He embodies American “values” more perfectly than anyone else could. 
  • Interesting that this “foxy” fascist seems to be stirring the libidos of so many here in the comments. If you take an attractive woman, then add gun holsters and a steady stream of ignorant invective pouring from her yap, beauty transforms into nauseating ugliness. But if you are incapable of thinking with the head that rests atop your neck, I suppose it doesn’t matter that this subhuman is a perfect microcosm of the absolute worst, most disgusting tendencies someone can possibly harbor, as long as all of that filth is wrapped in a pretty package. 
  • I fail to see the jobs and security brought about by T***p of which you speak. Comedians have been political since Lenny Bruce, Idiot. I haven’t seen the comedy industry go belly-up yet. You know why? Because stodgy, rigid, hateful people (the kind who mostly identify as conservative) have no sense of humor. 
  • You mean that she’s Barron’s mother? I’d suspected that for quite some time.


22 thoughts on “More Comments Without Context

  1. Shedding a small-yet-manly tear for the shout out and the much-needed humor. Curmudgeon, I’m telling ya, I can’t wait to creepily found you in real life and, I don’t know, recreate and philosophize and stuff.

    Some creepy day, my friend… (clutches wallet photograph of you)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love you man!!!

    My favorites:
    1. “You know precisely what he meant. I hope your cat feasts on your eyeballs while you sleep.”
    2. “What a brave stand you take — on behalf of you and your family, John, thank you for being such stalwart American patriots. I bet your family is about as interesting as a box of saltines. Idiot.”
    3. “I fail to see the jobs and security brought about by T***p of which you speak. Comedians have been political since Lenny Bruce, Idiot. I haven’t seen the comedy industry go belly-up yet. You know why? Because stodgy, rigid, hateful people (the kind who mostly identify as conservative) have no sense of humor.”

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  3. When the shit in Iraq started in the late 90s, I was still in Serbia and everybody was compassionate and sympathetic since we had been in the same boat once. My then-Italian teacher said something like: Why are we still talking about it? Who do you care? It’s on the other part of the globe. It’s not happening to you.
    I remember how shocked I was from this lack of empathy of a EU citizen.

    Then again later, nobody in Toronto had the slightest idea where Serbia/Yugoslavia was. The first reaction used to be – Siberia/ Syria? Normally, that wouldn’t bother me or come as a surprise. But then, how is it possible that a bunch of so-called intellectuals hadn’t heard of Bosnia, the war in the Balkans and the siege of Sarajevo. How on Earth is it possible that they had no idea that their country had taken an active part in bombing another sovereign state at the end of the 20th century. Don’t you people read newspapers??? The only explanation then, as well is now, is the same: ignorance.

    There is no sin so great as ignorance. Remember this.
    ― Rudyard Kipling, Kim

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  4. Still working on it, but “David Byrne” suit killed me. I also have to echo the sentiment that morality does not need religion (I suppose a lot of religious folks are actually pretty devoid of morality, even by their own goddamn book). Anyway, I’ll continue to echo the “some creepy day” sentiment for a bit here.

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  5. Last thing I’ll say: I’ve been rocking the phrase sub-human for a while now. I love, LOVE how often you refer to people as that. Wish I could remember where I heard that expression. Anyway, it was beautiful. You’ve inspired me to spread some hate. Party on, Paul.

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  6. Vociferous.

    Baba Vanga said that Barack would be the last President; maybe she was right…

    “Now consider her prediction about the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.
    The revered clairvoyant predicted with accuracy that the 44th President would be African-American.
    But she also stated that he would be the “last US president”.”

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    1. I’ve heard about that prediction — pretty amazing and perhaps even a compelling argument for the possibility of true psychic vision. Either that, or someone who is really good at following the patterns of history and extrapolating them out to most likely scenarios. Either way, it’s impressive.

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  7. Everything I’ve said about your brilliance, prior to today, has been understated. I’m going to have to ask you to ghost-write responses to my trolls now, if you’d be so kind. In fact, if you’re not too busy, would you mind occasionally de Bergerac-ing my live conversations with them through an ear bud?

    If this works out, we’ll run for president.

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  8. Paul. THIS IS AMAZING!! Fuck, you are so intelligent and funny, and this post was so entertaining, I am going to be chuckling about it for days to come. You should see if you can get paid for commenting because this is some Pulitzer shit right here. Those ignorant dimwits have no idea they are about to get their asses handed to them by the one and only curmudgeon. Fucking perfect! LOVE THIS!! HAHAHA.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Tanya!! But here how ridiculous T*** supporters have gotten: much like their master who after the dumbest blunders still declares victory for himself, when they counter my comments with noting more creative than “Libtard!”, you can just tell they think they’ve crushed me and won the debate in a rout. So I guess I just do this to see myself type….you really can’t win.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! They seem timeless. Like one-size-fits-all comments for one-size-fits-all stupidity. Interesting. Very brave of you to read the conservative blogs. They upset me so much I find the need to continuously block them from my feed. I don’t have the physical stamina to let myself get repeatedly pissed off like that. Good for you! Like I said, Stick it to the man! Somebody has to squelch their unfettered glee over all things deplorable.

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