Detour Ahead


Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you’ve been to college. – Kurt Vonnegut

As of this writing, there are 196 posts that taken collectively, constitute the web page Spooky Action At A Distance at 10:22 a.m. on January 15, 2018.

My occasional partner in crime Merbear74 was responsible for 15 or 16 of those posts and a credible source has informed me that she may grace us with another rare outburst of wit and wisdom later on today. The other 180 posts consist of incessant and oftentimes repetitive soliloquies vomited into the matrix by yours truly. At this point, I’m fairly certain that I’ve been flogging a dead horse for a comically long period of time. By now, anyone who has followed my little self-indulgent corner of the web for a while should be well-acquainted with the idea that we are all composed of quantum fladoodles and that these quantum fladoodles are composed of further quantum fladoodles and if a linguistic charlatan such as me insists on continuing to analyze these sub-fladoodles, eventually nothing means anything and the entire point of writing is rendered moot.


This morning, Tanya of saved the day. As I discussed in a recent update, she’d been mulling over an idea for another episodic story that I will commence right here on Spooky Action At A Distance this week. It was well worth the wait. Tanya has presented me with an idea and some parameters within which I must conduct myself in the presentation of the story. What she came up with was so good and so challenging that I am just going to dive right into it, probably at the exclusion of my usual philosophical and political harangues for the foreseeable future. But if you read carefully enough, I’m sure you’ll discern some of the concepts that give this page its name hidden just below the surface of the narrative. Tanya: you rock. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to test the limits of my creative capabilities!

I hope I am able to spin a tale that keeps your interest, my friends. I promise that it will contain hearty portions of sex, drugs and swearing. And if that’s not enough, it will also necessitate that I fearlessly embrace my feminine side.

But it may be disappointingly lacking in quantum fladoodles.  Them’s the breaks.

I’m appending this short video here for no other reason than to ensure I remain properly motivated throughout the composition of this wonderfully daunting fiction challenge:

20 thoughts on “Detour Ahead

  1. Fucking fladoodle!

    Seriously cannot wait, Paul, for this next story. Thank you for tasking me with this – it took a while, but the wait produced something super weird as only one could expect from this brain of mine. You are going to blow our socks off like you always do, that I know for sure!!

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    1. Thanks, Bojana! The last story in installments that I posted here was moderately challenging because it was in the horror genre and that’s not something I’d really attempted before. What Tanya has presented will make me take such creative leaps that I can’t just say that it’s out of my zone of comfort, it’s completely out of my entire realm of experience. I was starting to bore myself, but Tanya just ensured that this boredom served a good purpose.

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  2. Oh, you just have no idea how excited I am to see this collaborative endeavor unfold. The sheer thought of it makes my heart happy, 🙂 There will still be plenty of time to catch up on your fladoodles, and I know you’ll start having withdrawals anyway, so none of your loyal fans will suffer for too long! 🙂 Write on, my friend!

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  3. You know, you can sell that in Japan; tenderized horse meat. Too stringy for my tastes but, stewed… I hear the Apache Native Americans love stewed horse tenderized by desert curmudgeons.

    I don’t suppose you could take those 20 episodes of a tale you wove here and compile them into a single manuscript for easy consumption? might help. I’m considering joining to get my first pair of novels out into the wild (if nothing more than to appease my dear mother who put so much time into them (like 10,000 commas and at least a dozen semis, damn you Kurt!))

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