“How come there’s never anything good on?  We got over 200 channels.”

“You don’t like The Fresh Prince?”

“Nobody likes The Fresh Prince.”

“Bob’s Burgers is good.  I thought you liked that show.”

“I’ve already seen this episode.  So have you.  Two hours ago. Adult Swim’s just going through the cycle again.”

“Wait!  Look!”


Meanwhile at DirecTV Headquarters:

“Jim, can you please step into my office for a moment?”

“Sure, Mr. White.”

“Did you lose your mind at 8:30 this evening?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t follow.”

“Jim, I know it’s challenging to draft a program listing when a show only has a 15 minute run time.  You have to squeeze just enough of the title into a very limited space on the Guide grid.”

“That’s very true, Sir.  I hope I’ve done a good job.”

“If channel 297 was the Porn Network, you’d have done a flawless job.   But it isn’t.  It’s the Cartoon Network.”


“Jim, the next time I see ‘Teen Titans Go!’ displayed on the Guide as ‘Teen Tit’ for three hours, I’m sending you the bill for the FCC fines.  Kindly go back to your desk and pull your head out of your ass.”

8 thoughts on “TV-MA

  1. Do people still look at these program guides? Personally, I would flip through the channels and either find a few things I would watch (having to flip back and forth, back and forth) or I would find nothing of interest.
    On the other hand, tuning in to teen tit… you’d be sorely disappointed.

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