8 thoughts on “DLZ

  1. Beginning? I’d say we missed that exit a few thousand miles ago. Daddy, are we there yet? Been there and back kid, sorry you slept through whole damn thing. Good news though, we’re doing it all again, reruns on the highway. So just sit back and — recount the signs. Whoops, you missed that one, it read Dead End.

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  2. I have to admit: 1. that song was most excellent; 2. I’d never hear it before; and 3. although I got a vague inkling as to its meaning (and, hopefully, yours), but cheated and read some interpretations online.

    Is there anything in particular, like a singular event or pattern of them, that inspired this? I’m sure you could apply it to a TON going on, but I’m still curious what inspired the post.

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    1. Glad you like it! I recommend everything and anything by TV On The Radio. You were dead-on in your assessment that it can apply to any number of things — national and world events were in mind, of course, as was personal ennui. But would it be disappointing if I told you that I was re-watching the entire series of Breaking Bad recently and had forgotten how badass the scene was where they played this song?

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      1. Was it the fuck-up meth maker scene? those guys in the store who are really obviously buying stuff to cook?

        No, it wouldn’t disappoint me at all. I think we’ve seen the entire goddamn series three times. I truly believe it’s the best TV show ever made and I discuss character arc with my students all the time.

        I interpreted the song as being about politicians. I guess it’s about science? Anyway, a second read of the lyrics really helped me to get connections better.

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      2. Yes! “You’re buying the wrong matches. Those matches. They’re the wrong kind. Red phosphorous is found in the striker strips, not the matches themselves You need to get the big 200 count box of individual match books More striker strips. You understand? Those only have the one. And don’t buy everything in one place. Do it piecemeal. Different items, different stores. Attracts less attention. You following me here?”

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      3. I watched about 8 episodes of BB 2 or 3 years ago, then moved on to other things. It didn’t pull me in the way it did everyone on Earth I know. And my wife was truly uninterested in it. We went through the same cycle with Sons of Anarchy. I guess we either (a) are weird, or (b) didn’t give the run of either enough of a chance. Perhaps I should put ’em back in my queue, or at least Breaking Bad.

        Every intelligent person I know can’t be wrong, right?

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      4. Not too long ago, I would have admonished you for not appreciating what I and so many others have deemed the greatest show ever televised. But now I can’t remember what ever motivated me to do that kind of shit. Regardless of its artistic brilliance, it’s still a TV show and therefore, whether or not it’s worth watching is always just a matter of opinion. But holy shit, Tom, it’s a fucking great show. See what I did there?

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      5. That was the most passive passively aggressive thing I’ve ever seen. 😉

        Or was it the most aggressive passively aggressive thing I’ve ever seen? 🤔

        Either way, I just need to watch the damn show. It must get really amazing sometime after Episode 8. 😂

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