Friday Funhouse 21: Scheduled Sex


It’s common knowledge that the integration of scheduled sex into a relationship is typically a harbinger of doom. I take this sentiment a bit further with a profound distaste for anything that’s scheduled. For whatever reason, we take comfort in predictability, even as regards our media consumption. Sunday is football day. If it’s Thursday night, break out the Chardonnay for another Ladies Night Gilmore Girls marathon. As scheduled. Just like last week. Just like next week. So very reliable. So very dull.

If you’re starting to suspect that the preceding paragraph was just a pretense for announcing that this will be the final installment of my scheduled weekly attempts at humor, you can consider that suspicion confirmed. Mind you, I’m sure you’ll see posts in a similar vein when the mood strikes me, so the only things really being retired here are a recurring title and an expectation. Good riddance!

I would like to thank everyone for their loyal patronage. So how to go out with the appropriate level of fanfare? Today’s video should be something historic. Educational. Shitfaced. Here’s a Drunk History take on the life and times of Harriet Tubman:

30 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse 21: Scheduled Sex

    1. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….is play it by ear day. It’s 5 PM and I have no idea what I’ll eat for dinner, let alone where I’ll end up tomorrow.
      Predictability and schedules go without saying in Germany, which is something I just CAN’T get used to here. But then, why should I?

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    2. What my wife’s family use to call “red beans and rice” we found out is actually chili colorado. My wife makes the best chili colorado. If she told me every Monday was chili colorado day I would be like, is it Monday yet?

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  1. What a surprising video. This must be a thing I guess. I’ll have to hunt more of them down. Thanks.

    I’m sorry, was this a regularly scheduled fun episode, a string of many? Um, were they, like, funny? Ever? (Yeah, that was just a dig, you be like all serious an’ shit.)

    There’s only one thing to which I like regularity applied…


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    1. Drunk History is a show on Comedy Central. A simple premise that works brilliantly: a celebrity or comedian gets loaded and then attempts to explain some historical event or give the highlights of the lives of historical figures. Actors and comedians reenact the story and lip-sync the drunken narration — including the belches and the swearing and the slurring.

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