Dreamlife of Dogs


What occurs in the mind of a cur by the fire?  On the rug as he growls and he drools, as he spasms and twitches?  A bloodbath of rabbits where the faecal aromas are sublime?  In the dreamlife of dogs, these we think are the riches.  There the crow’s provocation will no longer be endured.  There the insolent rat is subdued and is stricken and shaken.  There as King of the Rains, the Wild Rover, (the bitches’ rump so fine).  This the dreamlife of dogs?  Or are we mistaken?  For all that we know, in the hound’s inner world, there are marvels to rival the greatest that man can envision.  A palace of scent where the laws of the pack are redefined.  Is the dreamlife of dogs maybe ripe for revision?  But the dog as he sleeps is opaque as we are.  We dream as we live all alone in this nightmare of history.  And as much as I know who you are in the dark behind your eyes, the dreamlife of dogs is no more of a mystery.  – Shriekback

19 thoughts on “Dreamlife of Dogs

  1. I wonder where down the evolutionary tree the phenomena of dreaming starts. Although, now that I look at the tree of life, I see that there are beings which are far removed from humans (elephants, pigs and orcas, not to mention canines – or what of non-mammals, parrots for instance) that are all quite intelligent. If dogs dream do these others? So maybe it’s some minimum level of neuron count that spawns the dream state.

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  2. Titus dreams very hard. When he starts to twitch and shake, I put my hand on his head so that he knows that I’m there, and I whisper, “It’s OK” just in case. But he’s such a happy dog, I doubt that he’s doing nothing more than playing with one of his toys. Also, he rarely farts, which makes him pretty much perfect.

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