We shriek and howl, beg and plead in plaintive wails / hit auto-tune / share / await commiseration.

When we’re small, we ask to be held.  When we strut, we take on the world.

Friendship is gauged by feigned concern in our echo chambers of conceit.  We build ramparts to keep out the whisper of truth / but still strain to hear our own names.

Shyness is a lonely suicide but that of the braggart is biblical.  When the book is set down and the last word is uttered, our dust will disperse in soft effusion / no faces no names – no shit.

A little girl sobs in the corner – she is the world on the brink.   We ignore her at our peril.

Angry mob storms embassy at dawn – a crying girl’s distraction when no one comes to dry her tears.

God or tribe, it’s all just you but there’s no you apart from me.  It’s all too much until it’s not and now it goes back ‘round again.

Stupid questions asked anew.  Weeping in binary code.

Sooner or later, we all fall silent / so why do we speak at all?


17 thoughts on “Reverberations

  1. What of the reader’s preparation for the material?

    When people enter a place of worship, they do so having prepared themselves for certain oratory content. When we go to the theater, the movie we’ve selected has an expectation of emotional impact. When we sit down at night to watch the news, or read our stack of books, we’ve prepared our minds for what is to come.

    But when we read essays and expositions and epistolary entries on weblogs — we never know what we’ll find. Or what we’ll be subjected to. It might be silly, stupid, salacious or it might be sentimental, or emotionally searing. We never know. And by not knowing, not preparing, I wonder if we can really experience a piece like you’ve written, in its complete intended form. Or if we “build ramparts” to keep the world’s intensity at bay, and suffer for it.

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  2. Paul-U just described in Martin’s Mind, what a Stupid-Educated-Psychologists told Joy-“U R an DRUG Addict and I may help YA or Not-WTF are people like this in the Jobs of “HELPING” others for? Just saying $$$$ in America is Far More Important than Doing Your JOB!

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